Shoji Votive Candle Holder

Ok trying to make this catalog votive but i cant seem to find the cuts for the acrylic. When
I reset the pattern it just has the base and sides and such but not the acrylic cuts.
Help please :slight_smile:

There should be a second page with that one that has the Acrylic cuts on it. (Check the Dashboard to make sure they both downloaded.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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this is all i see

On the Dashboard you should have a separate page for the Acrylic.


Go back to and look for page 2.

The cuts are in separate files because they are different materials.


got it, thank you so much!

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Got them cut but I cant seem to get them together. I know Which goes where but they are super tight and dont seem to want to fit. Talking about the base itself not the acrylic.

What thickness is the material you cut them from? I made a bazillion of these out of all four types of medium :proofgrade: plywood for my parents’ 60th anniversary celebration, and didn’t have any issues with assembly.

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Medium walnut, I even used a rubber mallet to lightley tap them and ended up breaking because of how tight everything was.

That’s really strange. Have you measured your PG walnut? I wonder if you got a bad batch, somehow?

There is the remote possibility you slightly resized the cut file whilst moving it. I think almost everyone has done this at some point.

Before trying again, I’d suggest opening the file in the app, clicking the “3-dots” button, and selecting “reset design” to make absolutely sure everything is the correct size/scale.

Best of luck.