Shoji votive wont show the clear acrylic pieces

Im trying to make the shoji votive candle, but i only get the wooden parts, where are the acrylic bits?

I haven’t cut this, however, those usually have 2 files, one for wooden parts and one for acrylic. Can you look on your dashboard to see if the acrylic file is there?

I only get the wood bits, cant find any kind of selection for the acrylic, ive used it once before, although a year ago so i dont remember how it was, and they have changed the layaout of the app since then :confused:

If you go to your dashboard and select Show All, and then sort by Created First (or Created Last, just so it puts them together), then it will put them together so you can more easily find out if there are indeed 2 files. I have never seen a design with a single file where parts were different materials. It is always 1 file for each different material.


I had to scroll a bit but there they both were, thanks so much!


I routinely do that. Different colors and divided physically, but having all the cuts in the same file is a big advantage, I was quite surprised to get some that were a whole row of different files.


Thanks, everyone for the helpful comments, that’s right! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic.