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Currently, there is no option for 12x20. Is this a backorder situation or something more long-term? When can we expect this, if ever, to be back in the store? I sent an email regarding this on July 15th also.

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I use a lot of this, I hope they get it back.

Estreetplastics might be a good alternate until you can get it again? Pretty sure they carry frosted.

Response from “support:”

Currently, the Proofgrade Medium Frosted Clear Acrylic is only available in 5" x 10".

However, I’m going to send your request to our product team with a note that it came from a customer request!

Perhaps the stupidest response, ever. I guess it was too much to assume that GF support would have a clue about their own products. Yes, I have responded and am hoping for a more responsive email the second time around.

i guess that’s a really lame way to say, “it’s out of stock?” support folks who aren’t sure what actual stock is.

Support: I checked and the team informed me that the Medium Frosted Acrylic (12" x 20") is currently out of stock. Unfortunately, we don’t have an estimate date for when it will be back in stock. It is frustrating not to know this date and I’m so sorry for this inconvenience. I’ve escalated this issue to the team again and hope to have good news soon.

So, they have no information, don’t know when they might get information, and it isn’t even clear that they will ever have this product again. Sort of annoying.

I assume they will continue to carry this in the store but at this time don’t depend on it.

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Lots to get you through the drought.

I just make my own. I get a spraycan of glass frost at Home Depot. Easy peasy.

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I’m sorry I don’t have more information for you and appreciate your feedback. I’m talking with the team about how to get better!