Shop additions! Acrylic that’s just like glass, Thick Acrylic, and Pro Shields: 4/10/18 Latest Improvements


Well, that’s pretty cool!

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Cool stuff - time for another order. :slightly_smiling_face:


This isn’t posted in any category. So it doesn’t appear in the list under ‘all categories’. I only found it because my new count didn’t go to 0. Strange.

Edit: I just put it in the Everything Else category and now it appears.


Really? You shipped my order this morning, then you do this? :expressionless:


I am not seeing this in the shop?

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me either…

There, I fixed it.

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Great update :slight_smile:

uhm, about those Pro shields. Does removing them affect the speed of the head?!

Shields are on the front door and rear slot. No effect on head.

Unless they’re red. Red ones are faster :slightly_smiling_face:


I know. I run my pro without because I don’t see the point to have them on. Except if it somehow controls head speed.

“We love them because they let you use the faster print speeds of the Pro in a manner…”

I was concerned about that quote from the text.

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Yeah, I don’t remember the entire text but it was just referring to the fact that the shields allowed you to treat the Pro the same way safety wise as the Basic. And the Pro has higher available power so technically can print faster.

There is no way for the unit to determine that the shields are in place. No electrical or magnetic sensors for that.


Being the acrylic fiend than I am…LOVE this!


Very nice acrylic additions! I can attest to the green edged clear stuff being really beautiful stuff. It’s one of my favorites. I will also add that the price of PF acrylic is good and on average very much on par with what I pay locally to avoid shipping. (I buy a LOT of acrylic :stuck_out_tongue: ) In fact, the price of the thick green edged clear stuff a lot cheaper than I pay for it and I’ll be buying it from GF from now on. Well done GF.


Great News, but any update on International ordering.

If you don’t have them fitted it is a class IV laser, so you and anybody else in the room are supposed to wear eye protection and you should restrict access so people without can’t walk in, etc. Having said that, for adults the slot is way below eye level, so impossible to see a direct reflection.

In some cases.

My slot is at eye level when I’m sitting in the chair working on designs on the laptop. I have it on a commercial tool bench (Home Depot 48" tool chest for U.S. folks) and my desk surface is in front of that (I turned one of the cabinet drawers into a pull out desk for my laptop for when I’m working on things.

Not everyone has their GF on a desk nor will it be that same height when they put it on top of the filter if they’re getting one.


Good point, I was thinking of my own situation where I only ever stand in my workshop.