Is not appearing to be very mobile friendly. No option to pinch screen for zooming. Or swiping for scrolling. I wanted to place an order but will have to wait until I get home to a pc.


Theres no checkout on mobile either, so if you wanted to you couldnt buy anything…

The menu doesnt work either. so you can put things in your cart, and look at items, but thats about it.


I have a large screen mobile, too. Moto z play.


Not the best solution but can you “request desktop site”?


Off topic: How do you like the Moto Z? I’m considering getting one.


I got it when my last phone died in the flood last fall. It’s a pretty great phone, more durable than a galaxy 4. I haven’t found a case I like for it yet, which is also a minor issue. The attachment feature is great, but pricey.


Thank you for the feedback - I’ll make sure it gets to the right place!