Shop shots with your GF

Hi, I received my email last week so this thing just got real! I need to now figure out where I’m going to put it. I thought some of you who already received might like to post a photo or two of your GF in your shop. I’m looking for ideas for mine and I’m sure everyone else is also. Thank You! Can’t wait to get mine!


Had a real hard time figuring out where to put it in the shop because all the surfaces are dedicated - until I started thinking in cubic footage instead of square. The area under the tall bench was doing nothing!
Heavy duty full extension glides…

I draw your attention to how clutter-free the bench tops… were.

When not in use the glowforge glides away completely under the bench, and it is welcome to that space. :sunglasses:
Perfect solution for those pinched for some where to put it. Glowforge in a drawer.


This set up has always impressed me. One of these years, we’re going to convert the garage into my studio space. When we do, I’m showing this idea to my dad so that he can steal borrow it.


The lab goes through phases: I like to keep it as tiny as possible but that’s not always possible in the middle of projects. The Glowforge put a big dent in things because I lost a lot of surface area, had to relocate storage, and gained a whole bunch of materials that needed to be stashed somewhere. Right now it’s a bit of an embarrassingly cluttered mess, but what the hell. This is the corner where the Glowforge sits.


Looks pretty tidy to me man. I see that table is working great for you. Also looks to me like you have the floor space to accommodate a bench/table there in the middle, and still have a nice wide walkway all around it. That may be a solution for you when you get pinched for surface area.

Really like that goose neck clamp there.

How stable is the Ikea setup when the forge is running? Does it shift much as the head travels back and forth?

It seems pretty much rock solid to me. The other tables and desks there are actually wobbly in comparison. I’m very very happy with how that turned out.

Excellent. I have the parts to build another one for the forge but was rethinking it. I guess I’ll continue with the original game plan.


ROTFLMAO! My organized doesn’t look that good :grinning:



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There’s a difference between dirty and disorganized. My space is clean, but to me, messy is defined by the lack of unobstructed surfaces. I like a blank workspace with everything put away. Right now I literally don’t have even two contiguous square feet of unoccupied work surface anywhere in the room. For example, this old picture is what my desk is supposed to, and occasionally does, look like:

Whereas today’s look causes me considerable stress:

Every flat horizontal surface with the exception of the floor is similarly occupied.

Even the poor X-carve has become storage for junk.

I need to spend a weekend putting things back in their place instead of playing with the pew-pew machine.


Bwa-ha hahaha!!! I’ll have to take a picture of my…nook…it might look that organized… Once a year?

This is a great idea! and a GREAT space! thanks for sharing.

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Wow! what a nice, big space. So much room. Very envious.

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This is my current office space where I have my GF.