Shortest workflow to incrementally engraving a piece?

I plan on using my Glowforge Pro to engrave an inconsistent material. In all likelihood it will be necessary to modify the job’s secondary passes based on what the primary pass actually produces.

In a perfect world I’d be able to monitor the surface with the Forge’s camera and control the laser directly with my drawing tablet/pen, essentially drawing directly with the laser (The thought of pressure sensitivity in the pen corresponding to laser power in the laser makes me drool). That seems pretty impossible with what I’ve read though about how the GlowForge will use the cloud to process jobs into a proprietary file, even if I were to do something silly like trying to modify the firmware.

I’m wondering how bad the actual process will be, though, particularly if there’s any significant turn around time between submitting a job and having the cloud process it so you can run the next pass…

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All the videos that demonstrated sending designs to the cloud showed it take only a few seconds to reach the Glowforge.

We get grouchy when it takes more than a second or two.