Should engraving look like a solid?

Hi guys! I’m new here and working on lots of things to get more comfortable with my machine. Question - I know engraving is actually line on line on line on line - but should it look like that? Does that make sense? Should I be able to see the lines when engraving on acrylic? Or should it look like a solid? Wondering if maybe I’m not selecting the right choice/settings.

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For acrylic, many people defocus the lens to smooth out the engrave. To minimize visible lines, you can also increase the lpi.


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There are a variety of settings you can choose when engraving.

From dots, to lines, to varying the laser power.

Generally if you use default settings, it’ll use dots, and you shouldn’t see lines.
Sometimes I’ve adjust settings on purpose so that I do see lines.

Here’s what the settings look like to adjust how engraves are done:

Those are the proofgrade presets.

And this is what the manual adjustments looks like.

Good luck!


So weird that sometimes I get these options and sometimes I don’t. Not so new that I hadn’t seen them, but interesting!

Anyway, after digging I found that the answer I was looking for was defocused. WOW, what a difference!!!

This was definitely the answer!


The options will differ dependent on whether you uploaded a vector or a raster

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