Should I refuse what I have waited 2 years for?

Very excited to be picking up my GF! Not so excited with UPS! My package had a hole in the top of it and after opening the box I have discovered the lid doesn’t sit flush and rubs on the inside. The package was brought out to me sitting upright on one end when it clearly has labels on each side noting arrows pointing up and fragile. Sitting in the UPS parking lot trying to decide if I should refuse it? I don’t want to, but I don’t want a broken GF either :pensive: Sent an email to support with some pictures. Anyone else have shipping problems?! Thanks for any info you may have!



Looks fine to me. A slight rubbing of the door is pretty normal. Furthermore, the foam in the box doesn’t really support the case properly. It needs to be sitting on a nice flat surface. Just a small amount of case flex will cause differences in fit. The foam is to protect from drops and such during shipping…not to check for lid fit.

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No broken glass or leaking fluid, I would accept delivery. The lid not sitting flush is more inherent of not being on a level surface. It needs a level surface.


I had occasion to reposition the laser too clean the exhaust port, and noticed the lid rubbing when I opened it in the new location. When I moved it back the rub was gone.

The lesson here is the case has a degree of flex in it, and has to be flat.
You can try shimming corners of the case and see if you can’t make that go away. I’ll bet you can.

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Should that electronic strip be loose?

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Yes, that is where the head connects.

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Don’t worry about that loose connector! That floats around until you get the laser head installed :slight_smile:

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Ok, that makes sense. Thank you all for responding :blush:

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You are embarking on a great adventure! Enjoy!

Thanks! Can’t wait!!


Send it back, you should expect a perfect product out the door. GF insured it so you are out just a few more days to get something that will be closer to perfect, plus you just don’t know about any of the other components.

There should be NO rubbing

I don’t believe that’s true as I’ve never seen it stated anywhere. Certainly if you can quote your source on that I’ll happily stand corrected.

@courtney_myers, unless something’s actually wrong you should definitely keep and fully enjoy your unit! You’re about to have so much fun! :slight_smile:

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Even if you believed that to be true (I don’t) the unit has to be perfectly flat to check for lid fit, not sitting on foam in a box. My lid closes smoothly but if I shim a corner ever so slightly it will rub.


I’m sorry to hear your package wasn’t handled as it should be @courtney_myers. Thank you for letting us know.

You should have received an email from us with details. We’d love for you to accept your Glowforge, set it up, and begin printing!