Should the GF warranty have a minimum print time rather than calendar year?


I edited this a few times because I was not clear the first time - thanks to forum members for pointing that out.

Maybe this is already the case, but to my understanding we get 1 year as pre-release customers. Because the GF is bigger than I thought, but more importantly - totally not feasible in my apartment as there are three other tenants in a non-smoking apartment where the discharge / smell / smoke would be a problem. I ordered the unit with the filter, but because of my sensitivity - I think even using the filter in my apartment would not be realistic… when it ships of course.

Because of this, I am renting a small shared place across town and due to my schedule and logistics, I can only get to the GF once every few weeks for an afternoon of printing.

Because of this, I will not be using the unit at much as I wanted - not truly testing it and running it through it’s paces. I’m scared that if something unfortunate would happen beyond my control in terms of a warranty issue, I will realistically only have 50 hours on it or so. Since this is a beta product - no one knows what will happen to it over time or if any issues will crop up at certain hours / miles.

Do you think the GF warranty should be XYZ number of hour minimum for those who can’t really get good usage out of their machine for any reason? I did not make the most of my first month because my space was not ready and will be moving in a few months and will need to move the unit and build my space from scratch again.


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fwiw, in your situation, that wouldn’t help. you’d just hit the 12 months before you hit the XXX hours.


Thanks - made an edit to clarify, there would be some sort of a minimum number of print hours, which would help people like me.

By the time the GF came, I had it set up, I had about 4 hours of print time or less… the next few months will be about the same and then I get to move and do it all over again!

it’s no longer a parallel analogy with the cars now that you’ve made the edit. i don’t know of any warranty that works like that. not sure why GF would take that step. sure, it would be nice for you, but it doesn’t really make sense for them.

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Basically, you’re getting a 1-year or 8,760 hour warranty : whichever comes first.



Thanks - I edited the post to clarify my thought -

I edited my post to clarify that someone who has a great space, hit the ground running and lots of time could print a few hundred hours a month and give their machine a good test under load / warranty.

Another person, not as fortunate, could only get an hour or two in during that same calendar month.

At the end a year person A has put the machine through the paces finds a problem in hour of operation 375 and gets a warranty replacement. Person B will find this problem when the machine is out of warranty.

in the end, i don’t think it matters how you edit it. i don’t think it makes sense to try to base it on usage. it complicates the warranty process for GF. i don’t think they’re worried about “high hour users” wearing anything out. the machine is designed to last far longer than a year.

as i said, it might be nice for some of the low hour users, but that wasn’t how the warranty was written and there’s literally no chance they’re going to change it now in mid-stream after everyone has paid for their machines and people have been using them for six months.

it’s not really a problem GF needs to solve for, they don’t determine our usage time.

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I mean, sure, that could happen. Or it could be true that the magical unicorn part (or whatever actual part. I don’t know technical things. I think there are belts in there. And a fan. Choose whichever strikes your hypothetical fancy) only lasts for 7,001 hours. Person using their machine a bunch uses it 7000 hours in a year, and their warranty ends just before it fails. People only using their machine 100 hours per year, on the other hand, have… 70 years of use before it fails.

Ok, I also don’t know math, and those numbers are terrible for an example.

I give up. Just pretend I eloquently said there are potential pros and cons in every situation. You’ll also have the benefit of seeing what issues heavy users tend to run into, and can plan according.

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GF does listen to users - you can read about their initial tubes being user serviceable, not being serviceable, and then ultimately being serviceable again somewhere on the boards, as evidence they listen and can pivot if they need / want to.

Is it realistic they change - probably not - but that’s not necessarily the point. I think it’s worth talking about as it does not hurt to raise a dialog about concerns - power user or complete newbie - we’re all in this together.

Editing does help for the sake of clarification and conversation as my initial post was not clear!

Is there any reason that users should NOT get a minimum number of hours print time? Especially as early adopters / beta / pre-release / common courtesy / supporters?

I am not sure I see a downside.


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i’ll leave it at this.

there’s no downside for you.

there is a downside for GF. is there an upside for GF? if not, why would they do it? what’s in it for them? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ it complicates their warranty service, it extends it for an undetermined amount of time.

i get that you want it because it makes your situation seem better, but that’s not a real reason for GF to do it.



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I always appreciate thoughtful suggestions!