Shout out to Inventables

Yesterday I received my first order from Inventables using my gift money. One of the pieces of purple heart wood was badly warped, and I wanted to use it for some inlay work. I sent them an email this morning telling them the problem and about 20 minutes later I got a response saying that a new piece was shipping today. Wow! Just thought you would like to know that their customer service is tops, as many of you are customers. :grin:


I agree. They can be a bit pricey but sometimes that is worth it for great service.
Remember that like :proofgrade: order $100 at a time and get free shipping.
Yes I have a problem. :roll_eyes:


Anyone online that has bought blue/white combination acrylic from Inventables and taken delivery?

I need to find the closest color to this: Doctor Who Tardis The TARDIS ranges from a Royal Blue to a Navy Blue, however, most of the Tardis’ I have 3D printed have been more of a royal blue.

I would like to get the acrylic ordered tonight if possible, but couldn’t quite tell the color based on the actual photograph someone posted of a completed project which looked like a totally different blue (it looked really faded in the photograph of the project):

Here is the other one I was thinking about (but it definitely doesn’t look Navy on my screen):

Someone asked about cutting with a Glowforge Basic and Inventables answered back, but I am not sure how to cut and engrave it with the Pro.

Thank you in advance for the reply…I really want to try my hand at cutting a nice size Tardis for Maker Faire in June…lit up potentially as well (had thought about getting this and lighting it up: