"SHOW ALL" button?

OK, I know everyone and their mother has asked for folders, and I’d love that too, but while that is on the ever growing list for the developers, perhaps we could get a “Show All” button near the “Show More” button?

That would at least save some time from clicking show more, scrolling, then show more again, then scrolling, rinse repeat, repeat, repeat…

I usually do a search on screen for the file name once I have all my files up to get me to the one I want.

Thanks for your consideration!!!


That must die!


I agree


I think every user agrees and even :glowforge: agrees but they have stated that for now, they are putting all of their resources toward making the originally promised magic happen.
I think once they crack the machine vision egg little things like this will come pretty quickly.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve passed your suggestion on to the team!