Show Displays

I bought a file for a show display that looked perfect but it is way too wide for the Glowforge Plus. Has anyone created one or know of one to purchase that will fit the Glowforge dimensions?

There are several mini display shelves in the GF catalog (if I’m understanding you correctly).

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I think you’ll need to be a bit more specific.

What sort of display are you looking for? What are you displaying? Why not adapt the file you bought so that it can fit in the glowforge?


The file I bought has 8 pieces and I think it is above my limited skill level to adapt it. I was looking for a file that has 3 levels and slots to hold the earring cards. The author of the file said he has a smaller version but it is still too wide for the Glowforge plus.

There are three designs in the Glowforge Catalog that feature 3-level risers. Have you looked there? I’m pretty sure none of them would require a passthrough slot.

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Yes I looked at them first but they are more open and not what I was looking for.

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