Show off your Glowforge! (Looking for a GF owner to demo in the Grand Rapids MI area, March 16-19, 2018)
I am a Design Manager with Crown Equipment Corporation and a Glowforge (for business) owner. In addition to this, I am also an active Board Member of the Association of Professional Model Makers (APMM) . This group, in my opinion, is a perfect target audience of future owners that I believe Glowforge may want to engage directly. Such an opportunity will be available at the group’s upcoming conference March 16-19 in Grand Rapids.

I would like to discuss you, as an owner near the Grand Rapids MI area, showing your machine at this event, with the support of Glowforge through their Grant Program.

Please contact me as soon as may be possible in this regard, as the event is rapidly approaching.

Thank you!!


Hi Paul,

You will want to send an email to directly and discuss your proposal with them via that route. They do not monitor all of the areas of the forum and they will not see your proposal.

Sending them a direct email will enable them to route it to the correct people. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Jules!!
I did message with Dan (staff) in regard to representation at the event, and it was he who suggested this route. I will continue to work the liaison position in the hopes of getting a Glowforge unit on site.

Judging by the google map, there are definitely GFers in your area, but from what I could tell none of them labeled their location with a username. Bummer.

You might edit the title of the thread to indicate the area and grab people’s attention.


Oh, I see, you’re looking for members who already have a machine to display there. Let me make a modification to your title so folks will see it.

(Problem at the moment is, the filters aren’t ready yet for folks who might want to display indoors.)

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Thanks!! I can use all the help that I can get.

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Good luck! Hope someone has one they can show! :grinning: