Shower hook


hi guys - long time lurker, first time poster! i’ve had my glowforge for about a month and have lots of photos of things i’ve made, i just have to find the time to organize them and then they’ll all show up here!

but here’s the first project that i made. anyway i just moved and i hate my new shower - the shower head is in the middle of the side. it drives me crazy!

so i got out my gf and cut up a quick little shape

that i can hang on the curtain hooks

and then skootch the shower head over to the side

and finally shower like a normal person again :slight_smile:


Incredibly inventive solution to a badly plumbed situation! Nice job! :sunglasses::+1:


Glad you started sharing with us! :sunglasses:


WOW, what an odd setup!

Very cool DIY solution!

And yes, WELCOME!!!


I’m not sure I would have come up with this even though half of what I do is stuff like this. Simple elegant solution!



This would be a great addition to the Practical Cuts thread, too.


Simple and smart!


And so it begins… “when you have a hammer, all the world looks like a nail.”
You get an A in problem solving 101.
Well done.:sunglasses:


Ingenious! Looking forward to seeing what else you make.


Great job! Yes, that would totally drive a person crazy!


Thanks for bringing several European shower nightmares back to mind. :wink: