Showing Good Judgement



Still having way too much fun engraving slate. :sunglasses:

50/250/255 and watch the sparks fly!


And one more material that I have to lay hands upon (and hold onto).


Oooh…love this. Slate is something I want to try. Thanks for showing the settings you used. May I safely assume the 255 is the LPI?


I’m collecting slte shingles that fall of the building where I work. Also have a lot of slte costers I plan to engrave. Can’t wait!!
Thanks for sharing.


Yes, 255 lpi. Higher resolutions weren’t worth the increased run time.


That was great, I have similar things that I would like to do, stepping stones one, but then I worry about weight of the object. How heavy was that piece?


That looks really nice! I like the quote, too :slight_smile:


That was only about 1 pound. 8 x 5 x 0.27 inches.

I get these for about a buck at Michael’s. A set of 4 slate coasters is $2.19.


I like what you did there. I also like your convention for reporting feeds and speeds. P/S/LPI


Perfect! Thank you.


There are a couple of folks near me engraving granite tile with a 40w laser to help mark the older grave sites in the county that have been damaged or have missing Tombstones. The results are awesome.


Oooo, very nice! I didn’t know Michaels sold those–have to get me some. Thanks!


Searching for slate coasters yields some nice options, as does searching for wholesale. (Of course, you might find yourself buying 100+ slate coasters that way.)


You say that like it’s a problem :wink:


Only problem is the logistics of personal storage space for laser materials. Conflicting interests. 100+ slate coasters is a box or two taking up space that can’t be used for tile or plywood, etc. Of course, I have to move them once I engrave them.


For those looking to recoup a bit of their money, one of my ideas is to do personalized engravings for realtors. Most will give out small housewarming gifts to their clients. With personalization the perceived value of these items will go up immensely. Slate coaster are a perfect example, as are cutting boards etc. Drop a couple of freebies off at one of the larger local real estate offices with a card and I bet you could build up a nice customer base quite quickly.


That is a great idea. I’m sure there will be a lot of great ideas running through here.


Uh huh… that “fall off…”



They come off easier than that!!


Hmmm…problem is I’m married to a realtor. I suspect I’ll be doing them…but not covering my costs. Ha!