Side Belt Broke/Snapped?

The right side belt is broken…I have orders that need to be completed and I’m panicking! Help!

I’m not sure, but the ends of that belt may be secured by a clamp ( like the head carriage plate is. That belt is not a closed loop, but a strip) The end may have pulled out of the clamp.
Getting to it is probably going to require removing that end of the gantry from the side rail far enough to access the clamp that secured the belt ends.

A clue to tell if is a strip belt instead of a loop would be to look closely at the belt end to see if there is a clean tip on the end where it was secured under the clamp. The rest of the belt would have a lot more residue on it


Thank you! The end looks clean so I’m hoping it’s what you said - that it came out of the clamp.

However, I can’t find instructions on how to remove the gantry and I don’t want to void my warranty either.

Your warranty is valuable! Don’t try anything without direction from support! I was just thinking out loud about what might have happened.

There are no instructions for that. Unless you are confident in your understanding and mechanical ability and you have instructions from support, it’s probably not something for you to attempt anyway.

Sorry for the problem, but support will get you taken care of. Of course this would happen during the holiday rush. Apparently, Murphy carefully times his influence.


I’m hoping your diagnosis is correct, but, yes I’m waiting for customer support before I touch anything!

Thank you for the insight!

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Good Luck! Hope your holiday season is a good one in spite of any issues life on Earth throws at you.

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I just sent you an email with the next steps. We’ll continue to work on this there, so this post will be closed.