Sigh moving and not lasing

So I am currently doing some luggage tags for this evening for someone and of course the Glowforge is not lasing. The time is 441 EST if you want to look. This is non-proofgrade leather but I’ve told it is (it is identical in appearance and thickness to prior thick PG leather I have used), so that shouldn’t be it. I did one tag which came out fantastically, however the second is failing right after that. The key difference between the two is that the first was a solely vector file while this one is a vector SVG with an “added” PNG file. The preview in the GFUI is good, but the head is moving and there is no lasing going on (no glowing in the tube or laser light emerging from the head). Here are the two files (it’s not a size thing since it reported a 27 minute job time.
chandalar (1.4 MB)

Hmm… I used to experience this with my PRU. It was famous for working once, then requiring 2-3 power cycles before it would fire again. Luckily haven’t seen this since getting my Basic, but might not hurt to try…

Yeah, going to need to try a standard test to rule out H/W problems anyway.

Oh yeah, they replaced my PRU due to this. A reboot with the head under the camera seems to have fixed it…

They “let” me keep mine, so I sent in a new ticket every Sunday (always happened on Sunday afternoon, for some bizarre reason/coincidence).

Oh mine was completely bricked. Just purple buttoned on every attempt so they replaced it.

Yeah I’ve been having issues all afternoon/evening. Works then I tweak the settings (lower power, lower DPI) and the next one hangs. Gets stuck scanning or calibrating or goes through the scanning step and then returns silently to the GFUI. Have to do the multiple logoffs, turn off/on with the head under the camera, clean things…I’m doing cardstock with low power high speeds and jobs under 8 minutes. Getting about 1 try every 20 minutes/half hour. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Giving up for the night. 4 hours and 8 jobs done - a couple 8 minute ones, a few under 30 seconds and the rest under 2 minutes trying to dial in settings for cardstock. So tired of watching “calibrating” for minutes at a time, doing the rubber chicken waving under a full moon dance and other sundry methods to try to get a print. Way worse than the PRU days when I expected issues.

I could never use the GF for a business.


I’m glad to hear the print turned out well after rebooting, @henryhbk. I’ve let the team know about this - thanks for reaching out with these details. Could you please let us know if this occurs again?