Sign from a drawing

This is my first time sharing a project… although I do have another one I really should share when I manage to get photos! I was inspired when my 10 year old son drew a family portrait for mother’s day… I decided to try to convert his sketch to make a sign for my front door. This is what I came up with :slight_smile:!


I took the photo with my phone, adjusted it, then used to convert the image to an SVG file. It was tricky to handle all the teeny parts but turned out so fantastic!

Hope you all enjoy!


Looks great-nice work!


Aaaaahhh! That’s adorable! That you did it as a 3D standout rather than just engraving it makes it even cooler. I’m betting your son is totally proud/completely embarrassed :smiley:


This is so cute and fun! It turned out great…nice job!

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He is SOOOO thrilled :slight_smile: Now my daughter wants one too!


This is the best family sign ever!!!

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That is really great! I absolutely love the drawing!

Nailed it!

That’s a creative idea I like it!!!

Very nice!!!

This is the best sign ever! I am sure your son is so proud to have his artwork on your front door!!


I don’t know him and I’m not his mom BUT I am SO proud of him (and you). This is fabulous!!

Love the layered look, makes it dang adorable!