Sign on rough pine


Here’s a sign I made on rough 1x pine

Engraving Pine

Nice! :grinning:


That’s cool! A practical application with a nice decoration.


what are the settings you used, since pine is not proof grade?


I experimented with a couple of different versions. For the engrave, the notes I have suggest I did speed 490, power full, and 75 lines per inch. If you increase the speed, you get a lighter color. If you increase the lines per inch, you get a deeper burn. 75 lpi gave me an effect that had little bits of charred wood left between the deeper burned areas, that kind of looked like wood grain. when you increase lpi, you lose those lines and it is a more uniform, deeper, darker color.

For the scoring, I did speed 240, power 48.

Try some experiments and see what you get.