Signage from old things


So there are a few craft/artisan fairs coming up and I am scrambling to make some lower priced items but also want to make some decent money making items too. So I was perusing the local Goodwill and bought this tart pan for a buck as the shape and almost bottle cap look caught my eye. A 1/2 a day’s worth of design, Glowforgery, Painting, glueing and glue drying I made this. I am gonna put a coat of clear satin on it and also regluing some of the pieces because super glue works WAY better than 2 part epoxy i have found out. Unless I’m using crappy epoxy. I used all :proofgrade: materials-White Acrylic (Lettering), Medium Draftboard (Hat), Medium & Thick Walnut Ply (Lettering and Elements).


Wow. Excellent


Oh man, that is so cool!


Quite well done!


That is really nice. Well done.

So, what did the pan look like before you started? Any “before” shots?


That looks great! I love mixing in things like the pan that keep stuff from being all crisp, clean, new lasered parts.


So. What do you value your creation? It is a remarkable piece. Very inviting. :sunglasses:


Totally cool! :smile:


I did not take any before photos but here is the back which shows the state of the metal, although the outside was a little more tarnished.


Nice find and great use. Thanks for posting!


Outstanding design and purposing!


Thank you. I am thinking $50 (12" across, 1" deep) The hardest part of making things is putting a price on them.Over the years I have made a lot of art and rarely charged for it because that pricing thing always stressed me out :grimacing:. Still learning to get over that hump.


Someone posted the advice here that if you aren’t somewhat embarassed of the amount you are charging for your art, you aren’t charging enough :grinning:


Man that looks amazing! Worth way more than $50!


I have to agree. $50 seems too low.


That’s great! I think that will sell really well.


You and me both! I’ve always struggled with the formula of end cost plus time consumed vs buyer perception. You want to make cool unique things, but it’s difficult to price when there’s no reference as to how much work was really out into it. What it comes down to, though, is confidence. Do you think it’s a good project? Yes. If you’ve come up with a number based on what you believe is worth it, stick to that number.

I’ve also had help from close friends on what they perceived the project should be worth and that also helps. I’m seriously obsessed with what you’ve done, btw. If it has walnut in it, I’m a sucker for it. This has a certain level of class to it, so $50 at the size it’s at is a fair price for sure.

Have you tried etching onto the underside or on these directly at all? I’ve seen your card logo, and I think that would be ultra cool to do on the backside of these!


For what it’s worth (which is honestly not much since I haven’t tried to put a price on the things I’ve made), I’d charge $80-$90 for that. For a one-off project like this, go higher. If you were making a batch of 20, $50 would be ok.


I’m inspired by your blend of materials and fonts. Awesome job!


Yeah I’m making a small engraved plaque that will be applied to the back.