Signs for a friend and engrave advice


It’s nice that when someone comes over and says, “hey, can you make THIS for me?” I can. She has some sort of solar light set up and something like a yard stick that she want’s to hang these from.

One thing I learned was that it really helps to orient wide engraves horizontally rather than vertically. I’m sure I’ve read this before here somewhere. But now I learned it. Here’s the vertical version:

And here’s where I flipped it over and did it horizontally:

EDIT: It seems that the resolution was affected by having rotated the raster images of the words in the vector file that I uploaded. It’s a known bug. Engraving the long way greatly improved time to engrave, though. So still good advice. If you really wanted to rotate images while they are still working on the bug, do in your raster graphic editor (GIMP/Photoshop) before embedding.

Good thing this sign doesn’t actually have to point to a real geographic location!


Looks like you ran into the bug where bitmaps embedded in SVGs have their resolution drop significantly if they’re rotated.


Hmmm… maybe you are right. Can’t remember now. I am glad it worked out without wasting material, though! Visual alignment with awareness of what direction the camera is off worked just fine.


Looks like a fun project!!


Wow, that poor rez surprised me! The only difference I have seen between orientation is time to complete. Clean engrave both ways.


Yeah. Sounds like it’s a bug where if you rotate raster graphics embedded in your vector file, it affects resolution somehow. I’ll edit the original post to reflect this.


Good to see the edit after this image, I was pretty shocked that it looked that terrible just by engraving in the other axis.


Yeah, as soon as I saw it, knew the problem. @tim1724 and @scatterbrains gave the answer and didn’t see the need to repeat it. First noticed and reported the issue in early March. Took about 2 days to find what was causing it. Would be nice if there was a database of known S/W issues so that others did not waste their time.


Man… if only the glowforge was somehow connected to a cluster of other computer type devices that could then share information and allow updates to be made remotely. Then they could temporarily block actions with known bugs. Maybe in 2.0. :smiley:


The unique arrows are a neat touch. I look forward to seeing the final result basking in solar light!


Thanks for noticing the arrows! Drew them myself. They were bezier curve/straight line tool in Inkscape. Nodes we’re selectively changed from curves to corners.