Signs of the times

not mine, yet…


Yes, very important to measure one’s twic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s great!

In my case it’s “Measure a bazillion times and then cut another bazillion times to fix it”


last week my neighbor was working on building a small shed. I chatted with him while he was deciding how to fill the gaps created by cutting a shelf too short. He grinned and said “you know what they say: measure twice, cut three times, and then go to home depot again.”


:rofl::rofl::rofl: (At least three trips every weekend by hubs…not exaggerating.)


When I finished my walkout basement bathroom, I did it in slabs of marble I had salvaged from a bank that was being demolished. The stone was quarried in Italy around 1900.

I barely had enough material for the shower and the sink vanity. The pieces were all slightly different sizes and thicknesses, so I had to measure it many times to ensure the best coverage with material I had barely enough of. There was no more to be had for any price.

I built the diamond saw out of a motor mounted on a radial arm saw carriage. I had a six foot strip of quarter inch steel sheared to the Strategic width of the saw carriage. With the assembly measured out placed and clamped, I was ready to make a cut, with the water on, the diamond blade spinning and ready to touch the material, I would grit my teeth and turn the saw off. Go measure again.
I never measured material so many times in my life. Project came out perfect.


I’m your neighbour!


a colleague’s standard bit is “all projects cost $50 more and two extra trips to Home Depot.”


I’m curious though, how many times did you have to correct what you were about to do?

As a woodworker, when I remeasure and find that I was good the first time, I’m satisfied. But when I measure again and find that I have to change what I was about to do, I feel great (and then I go and measure again).


The marble was at a great price of $5 sqf if I removed it from the wall myself, so I bought enough for two bathrooms, even though we only had one in the old house. I stored it for a decade until we bought a new house.

I was right after the first round of measuring, it was just the inability to silence that little whisper of doubt just as the blade was about to force me to commit.
It was all full sheets, but because of the space I had to section 2of the four slabs. I think it was the reluctance to make smaller pieces out of perfect full slabs that gave me the ‘Willies’.


Do they have a sign for I measured twice, cut once and only later noticed that one calculation was wrong?


ha! that last part printed, but it was off the bottom of the material!


the worst thing that happened to my woodworking was spending 2 years in a machine shop, working to a precision of .0005" .

I have to continually remind myself, Dude, it is WOOD!!! chill out and build the @#@# project already.

you are NOT getting 1/2 thousands precision you goof! I say to myself repeatedly. LOL


oh MAN. I’m never that precise. Even with the GF I’m only mostly precise to 3 digital places, and even then I’ve found myself rounding to the nearest .01 and only some times do I have to do anything a second time.

In my woodworking I’ll be precise to about 1/16th, sometimes 1/32 depending on the project. Otherwise, I do like a little “non-perfection” to be a part of the piece. It really allows it to feel hand made.


Inspired by the great sign, I made a version of my own for our shop: