Silhouette ModelMaker for 3D design / 2D cutting


While updating my Silhouette Designer software, ran across this app targeted for STEM/STEAM education. For $49, it might be worth a look.

Looks likes this was released about a week ago: (includes a vimeo video at the bottom)

More info at:


Hmmmm! Might be worth a look for those who don’t want to go the F360 route.

Should work for paper projects anyway. :relaxed: :+1:


I’ve got a cameo 3, so I’ll probably check this out. The rest of their software has been… not great though.


I’ll take a look at it. I’ve seen a sketchup plugin that flatten 3d models, probably this software is similar to it.

Thanks! :wink:


big fan of simple! thanks for the post.


Sadly there is no demo version. Let’s see if someone make a review on YouTube.