Has anyone on here use silhouette software. I want to make 3d lettering on some projects

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Try searching for silhouette. Some people have used it and you’ll find them instantly by searching.

For best results try “silhouette in:first”

I have used Silhouette software. In order to save files in SVG you do need to pay for the business license. The basic Silhouette software will not save a SVG, only studio3 files. I have the designer license and business license and actually love the software. You can do a lot tricks and make detailed adjustments that you can’t do in the GF software [in my humble opinion]. I will say that it did take some time to learn the ins and outs of the Silhouette software so if you are new to it, I would suggest learning another program like Inkscape or Illustrator.


I use Silhouette Studio, I came to Glowforge from paper and vinyl designing/cutting. As rickv1013 says, it makes best sense to use it if you are already comfortable with it. If not, go with Inkscape or one of the other design programs that may give you more options.


I use it and I love it. Like @gooddog I come to this space from working with vinyl. So I already knew the tool and love it. We still use our machine so its nice to be able to design for both in the same tool.

Here is a link to a post that has some discount codes if you want to head this direction.


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