Silly question about designs I purchased

I can’t find them!

They are not showing up - how do I get to them?

Have you clicked the Show More from your dashboard? They may be “below the fold.”

That’s what I was doing wrong the last time I could not find them.
Nothing I have tried to do has worked this week - I may have to print the Coupon…
I have been trying to edit photo’s of the kids to engrave for my parents and sister - but that did not work so I went to the catalog…now I can’t find them.
We had a death in the family on Tuesday so no one really expects anything…but I’m stubborn.
I am going to get a few things right somehow. lol

It was me…I did not confirm the purchases.


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Try clicking on the little box with the 3 dots then clicking reset my design.

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Thanks for reminding me of that…!

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