Silver/mirrored paper or plastic, ok to cut?

I have some mirrored sticker paper (I think it may be PET? I forget, I looked it up when I first bought it at the art supply store and remember the material was safe to laser cut). I cut it backer-paper side up to be safe and that worked fine… but is there any risk to the laser by cutting mirrored-face up with the shiny side exposed? I see lots about engraving mirrors, etc, and they all talk about how the laser doesn’t reach the mirrored surface, but I haven’t seen anything about mirrored paper or sticker material. Thanks.


I’d use a mask on it if I wanted to cut it right side up. Flipping it works too though.

They do recommend that you not cut things like chrome or highly reflective surfaces…small chance that the beam could reflect back up and damage the lens I think.


Thanks Jules. I may be cutting a lot of mirrored paper for some models in the future and this is good to know.

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