Simone has a Glowforge!

You can see a glimpse at 8:58


Oh great, another YouTube channel for me to subscribe to. I like here from the get go.


I believe she is part of the Tested team, and they did a preview of the Glowforge a long time ago. I know they had one in the shop soon after release.

It was just a few days before the end of the initial campaign, and the reason I own one.

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she’s not actually part of their team, although she has done a few collaboration things with adam.

and technically we have no idea if that’s hers or she used someone else’s. but it’s cool that she did use it. she’s a unique character and we can all be inspired by her creativity.

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Well, I mean…she is though: Tested


ah, didn’t realize that had formally happened. i knew she’d done a bunch of stuff with adam.

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