SImple Acrylic Synth Stands

Needed something to put a few synths on, so I came up with this little design. Works decent, could be sturdier if made out of 1/4" instead of 1/8".


You could make it a lot sturdier in 1/8” by making a diagonal cross brace with finger joints. Of course if you designed it slot and tab so it could be disassembled and packed flat that concept is harder to execute, but 1/8” can be really strong.


Simple and practical! I love using the :glowforge: for stuff like this!


I did think about a diagonal design but this one I came up with quickly and it worked… Thanks for the input. Cheers


Yeah I ran into the same tradeoff a while back when I made an easel. It was slightly flexible but it worked well enough.

Yours is cool, like the design.

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Likewise, yours look really useful and love the color.

My favorite color! Well done.