Simple Cube: First Foray Into 3D (Beta Project)




Here’s my first shot at a three dimensional object. 3D is what I’m really interested in.

My goal here was to design the simplest cube with interlocking sides possible without getting design help from the internet. I thought I would see if it was possible to design one panel that would work for all six sides. It was not. The panels have to fill the gaps left at the corners by the width of the material. I solved this awkwardly by making a small tab on one corner of each panel. There are six sides and eight corners. One panel had to have three tabs (the panel in the lower right corner).

And the assembled cube.

I should revisit my design. I’m sure I could widen the little corner tabs to a third the width of a side so the edges would create a uniform box joint.


That is quite elegant looking!
If you do decide that you want to reach out to the internet for assistance you will find that there are a number of online tools for creating boxes with box joints.



This will, to some degree, remove duplicate lines.

I really like your design! You’ve been putting really good stuff on here–I need to play catch-up!


Thanks @jkopel. I will be looking online for ideas and solutions. I’ve got a bit of a personal problem in my need to take a stab at figuring things out on my own (at least the first time!):slight_smile:. Thanks.


Thanks @cgunderson . Using the GF is a blast. I’ve got far more ideas than time.


Ryan, I share that personal problem at times. On the one hand, I get to really deeply learn things. On the other hand, sometimes it’s really the hard path… :slight_smile:


I believe in standing on the shoulders of giants. Unfortunately sometimes the giants are headed in the wrong direction.


chuckle :slight_smile:


Hehe, same. Reinvent the wheel on a regular basis!
Benefit is the intimate understanding and totality of the education.
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Looks like a good alternative for the aluminum wheels on the Mars curiosity Rover depending on the design resilience at Sub-Zero temperature!


I was thinking that it looks like something one could cut from silicone (or…?) for toy-sized wheel/tire combos: more capable glowforged toys and robots, fewer sourced components.


Good point!


I share this affliction. Eventually I take the help, but I always try to figure out the design on my own first!


@marmak3261, I believe, shared this site, that is pretty cool. - Rich