Simple Frame

I didn’t have a frame the right size–so I made one! I’m pleased with the way it turned out!


Very nice! The walnut complements it well.


The frame is lovely, and so is what’s in it. Who did that? And what is it? Looks like little dots?

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Looks like diamond painting, kind of a mashup of paint by numbers and counted cross stitch, done with small faceted round or square plastic “diamonds”…


Thanks. It’s diamond dots. I made it from a kit. Gooddog had it about right. The picture is printed on sticky canvass, separated by a grid, and you place these tiny plastic diamonds on the grid according to a key. They really sparkle in the light. My husband collects rocks so I chose this one for him.

I used leftover Optix for the “glass” because I doubt I’ll ever use it in the Glowforge again. It smells so bad!


Making personal frames is one of the things I use my GlowForge for.

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Looks great!

Beautiful work!

Please, could @r-oatman or @pauline.lally share your techniques on making frames. I have a need for that and have no idea how to go about it.
Thanks in advance.


Did you engrave the dipped area?

Here is a simple one I did long ago:


Wow! I do not think it could be more simple. It is the thing that first comes to mind when folk say “nothing is simpler”

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This looks great! I came to the forums looking for ideas to actually make a frame for another diamond painting :slight_smile: what did you use for the back? and how did you attach it?

Basic Frame

I apologize for the delay in my reply. I’ve been swamped at work.

To make my frame, I cut one set of the thick frame pieces out of my selected wood and one set of the thin frame pieces out of my selected wood. I also cut one set of the thin frame pieces out of draftboard.

Next, I glued the thick pieces together at the corners with wood glue–using tape and some T-Squares to get a nice shape. When dried, I glued the wood set of thin pieces to the top of the thick pieces. Again, I used tape to hold in place until dry.

Next, I glued the thin pieces of draft board to the back of the frame to create an inset of sorts.

Then, I cut a piece of Optix (by hand–because it smells so bad on the glowforge) to fit the inset. Then I placed my matted artwork. I padded it slightly with some thicker cardboard to keep it from sliding around. Then, I glued a piece of cardboard to the thin pieces to cover the back and keep everything in place. I could have used some sort of toggle piece which would allowed me to open the frame–but since it was a weird custom size, I figured I’d never open it–so glue it was!

Lastly, I hung the frame on the wall with two removable velcro strips. I love those!

Thank you for asking. I’m sure the community has already posted fancier and more functional frames, though! And I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


No, I was going to try, but then I decided it would be easier to glue another piece atop the frame to make it look like a single piece.

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That will come in handy, thanks!


@r-oatman, Thank you very much for sharing your experience and design.

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Thank you for the frame, I appreciate the write-up.

Thank you, @pauline.lally for sharing your frame, as well! Very kind of both of you!