Simple geometric piece


Just an icosahedron but kinda fun:


Loving this a lot! Nice work


That’s really sweet! What are you designing these in? F360?


Fusion 360 is for smart people.

I use Inkscape :wink: Seems pretty functional, once you get a workflow that works for you. it probably requires more thinking than using F360 would, I have to work out certain corrections logically and account for them – software would probably simplify that.


You are knocking these out the park! And now you’re telling us you do it all in Inkscape? Do you think in triangles or something?

And until 10 seconds ago I would have guessed an icosahedron was a dinosaur :upside_down_face::t_rex:


Neat project!


I’ve actually outlined a little about how I do it elsewhere, but generally it’s a mix of web resources like wolfram alpha and wiki for common geometric forms and the angles they contain, in conjunction with sketchup and inkscape. Sketchup lets you get away from tons of trigonometry on complicated stuff.

I don’t think in triangles, but at this point I do speak broken trianglese. :slight_smile:


I hear that!


This made me chuckle as I use Fusion 360 a lot and know just how unsmart I am.


Ditto! I’m more comfortable in Illustrator, but I’ve got to admit Fusion has it’s benefits with a little practice. (Okay a lot of practice.) :smile:


Neat! It looks so cool in acrylic!


Beautiful! I love the symmetry.


If you did that in Inkscape you are smarter than I.


Thanks, but I doubt it!

Every single thing I’ve posted was made in inkscape, for the record… :slight_smile:


Reminds me of the Amazon Spheres in Seattle. Here is one of their models.


Oh wow, very cool!


Just an icosahedron… yeah right. This is awesome!