Simple Halloween earrings

Quick experiment with metal parts. Purchased these 1" round metal tags from Uline.

Couple coats of black spray paint. Quick engrave. 1000 speed / 50 power / 2 passes.


Wow, those turned out great!


The black/brass turned out really nicely. How was the quality of the tags? Rough edges? Scuffed surfaces?


No major issues with tag quality. Edges are not sharp and surface is pretty smooth. I scuffed surface slightly before painting.


Nice. I like the contrast the metal gave.

With those straight line hooks though, you probably should have used two rings to make them hang right.
They sell hooks with the loop angled, but I always just double up the rings to get the angle right (and being extra wobbly seems to be a good thing - dunno).

Regardless, came out great. Thanks for sharing your idea.


Cute! And really ingenious!

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What fun! Great designs and execution!

These look fabulous!

Good idea on the double rings. Sometimes I just give the loop a twist so that earring hangs right.


These are great! Did you need to seal them at all or is the spray paint durable on the tags?

Spray paint seems durable enough. Plus these were just a few quick ones for my daughter.

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Nice. I tried the same type of thing with anodized aluminum disks. They worked, but these are nicer.