Simple Leaf Planter

Here’s a planter I made for a co-worker - surprisingly easy to put together once I figured out kerf adjustment. Tight enough for no glue, but I put some on the bottom since it might be load-bearing at some point… :slight_smile:



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I have found that once the Proofgrade starts to move a little with varying humidity glue is required even on very tight fitting joints, so I have started gluing everything that uses wood to keep it stable over time.


The leaf is beautiful. Nice gift!

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Ohhhh, gorgeous! I really like that leaf shaped window–it’s giving me ideas!

I haven’t thought of that happening. Good point. Thanks for sharing!

This turned out beautifully!! Are the side leaves an inset of a different wood? If so that fit looks impeccable!!

So crisp! Really well done.

The leaves are the maple ply proofgrade against the walnut ply proofgrade. I did use a little glue to make sure the leaves stay put.

It’s living in the next row over from me, so I’ll keep an eye on it. :slight_smile:

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This is super cute! I’ve been thinking of making a planter out of wood. How do you ensure the wood doesn’t get affected by watering?

Glad you like it! Because of the holes in the side, it’s not suitable for packing earth in directly - it’s meant to hide the cheap plastic pots that plants come in. So far, so good! I also placed cork in the bottom to prevent/absorb the odd splash.

Proofgrade is finished, but I’m not sure how well it resists water. If you build your own, I would spray with a waterproof acrylic or similar finish.

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