Simple Leaf Planter


Here’s a planter I made for a co-worker - surprisingly easy to put together once I figured out kerf adjustment. Tight enough for no glue, but I put some on the bottom since it might be load-bearing at some point… :slight_smile:




I have found that once the Proofgrade starts to move a little with varying humidity glue is required even on very tight fitting joints, so I have started gluing everything that uses wood to keep it stable over time.


The leaf is beautiful. Nice gift!


Ohhhh, gorgeous! I really like that leaf shaped window–it’s giving me ideas!


I haven’t thought of that happening. Good point. Thanks for sharing!


This turned out beautifully!! Are the side leaves an inset of a different wood? If so that fit looks impeccable!!


So crisp! Really well done.


The leaves are the maple ply proofgrade against the walnut ply proofgrade. I did use a little glue to make sure the leaves stay put.


It’s living in the next row over from me, so I’ll keep an eye on it. :slight_smile: