Simple phone holder with lots of design potential


That would be great.


Sorry, been dealing with a cold…took a few sick days.:scream: I’ll try to remember today.


oh no! feel better soon! your boss will be mighty disappointed by your absence :wink:


Sorry to hear that…get better quickly! (Definitely something going around down here too.) :grimacing:


Hey, whenever you feel up to it, I hate those occasional times I have to be on down time with some malady or other.



Here is the simple phone stand. phonestand.pdf (388.4 KB)

Quick Gifts - Phone Stands

Awesome, got it saved and I’ll load it into my Corel to see what I can come up with. Have a great rest of your weekend



Lots of new people and this is also :squee:

Thank you @smcgathyfay - one of my co-workers specified “make me something cute”

Anybody cuttting this on your GF. Tight fit (good, no tools needed) and this was done on Medium Maple Plywood, default engraving. Make sure you choose between engraves and cuts!


Cute, cute, cute! :smile:


What happened to the curls? They are so bold and thick…lol


Set then to engraved instead of cuts. It looked cute anyways so went with it. I’ll probably have to rasterize them first to get thin engraves. Perhaps I should have left them cuts?


They were an open ended spiral. Interesting that it closed the curve. May have to redesign. My Universal lasers interpret files differently apparently.


Yup, that appears one of the “features” of the GF. I figured if nothing else we would be learning the defaults on this machine together. I already knew from reading the forums that the share didn’t like open vectors and would try to close then.

I’m really happy you have us some cute designs to print or take inspiration from. Thanks again


You could have converted the Cuts to Scores. The Score is the “Engraving” for single paths. It won’t try to close those.


Thanks. I’ll do that and print again


OK, second time (or is it third, fourth, fifth… whatever) is the charm!

Medium White Acrylic PG and black paint.

The black eye is because haven’t finished weeding, painted before removing masking material. I wouldn’t be surprised to find googly eyes soon :smile:

Thanks again @smcgathyfay


This is my favorite version so far! Black eye and all - it gives it character :slight_smile:


If you make one the white acrylic is thinner than say PG Maple Plywood so not as tight a fit. No big deal, but might want some glue.

I think next mod is perhaps small holes for earrings.


Just adjust the slots on the main piece to the thickness of the material minus kerf…

Ooooh. What a great idea!!..


Awwwww, adorable!