Simple practical cut

One of the things my wife does is to buy 4 mochas at a time to minimize her exposure. But those cardboard carriers aren’t the most stable or easy to carry. So I made this coffee carrier for her. It is made for ventis but the others should fit. I used 3mm Baltic birch from woodcraft. Had some 12” squares and used them. Now less chance of spilling or tipping over in the car.

coffee box layers


I like it! I was just thinking I want one for carrying drinks home since when I do stop for a drink, it’s usually on a long walk and I pick something up for my husband too. Maybe I’ll try this, so at least if it sloshes while I walk, it won’t burn my hands. :rofl:


I also included the page with the settings I used. I made the burn test on and ended up using those settings. Some were tighter than others, but a little tapping with my tack hammer made eveYthing fit. I also got a pack of this locative super glue at Sam’s Club. They make it really easy to place just a small dab of glue where necessary, just takes a little practice.


Thank you for sharing

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Thank you for sharing. This is awesome. Love it. My daughter does coffee and tea runs for us and this is great. Thank you.


You’re welcome. Took mine on its maiden voyage and it performed perfectly. It was the perfect coffee run… it was beautiful.


Cutting mine right now. Very excited.


Thanks! Nice that it has handles too…


Now this is a seriously practical cut. It lends itself to decoration!