Simple puzzle

Objective is to fit all 4 puzzle pieces into the rectangular recess. Have fun!
pentagram puzzle

Here’s a link to the solution, just in case:!AjvGk-jH2Q5jjLdna0MJGpjf2_F0dQ?e=WnPq1b


I have a friend who loves this kind of puzzle. I will have to make one for her. Thanks.

Have you attached the file? Perhaps I missed it?

I did include the file but it is not showing up…sorry about that…I am checking my previous posts to see what I have done wrong here…

Right click on the line image above the pictures. I was able to download it just fine.


Fun! Thanks for the share!


I love puzzles like this. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks. It was not there before.

It is there now. Thanks!

Love it! Can’t wait to print this later today

Awesome, my children love these, thanks for the share!

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I started hearing Korobeiniki (the Tetris theme) in my head as soon as I looked at this. Looks great!

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I get a kick out of these small puzzles. Thanks for the file!

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What’s the solution, darn it!

I learned that when attaching the SVG the dimensions in the text has to be in mm. Since I used inches in the document properties on Inkscape, the original post has a dimension of 14x11 for the graphics, which is supposed to be inches but interpreted as mm, that’s why the graphics were not showing up.

I made this for my friend for her birthday. She loved it! Thanks for the file. She could not believe I made it.

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Glad to hear that. Has your friend solved the puzzle? :slight_smile:

Not that I know of.

This is excellent, thank you for sharing!

It looks so simple…

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Ok sorry all but has anyone solved the puzzle out. My pieces fit really tight so I’m not sure my solution is correct? Thanks in advance.

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Yes, it can be done! PM me if you’d like a hint - or the answer!

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