Simple tools

I was winding down today from a few builds and decided to treat myself to something nice when inspiration struck again. Sometimes it’s the simple things. I started with a simple design and just a few pieces.

Remove protective paper and add a little superglue…

Then, just add content :slight_smile:

and enjoy.

I plan on adding one more slot in the handle so I can add a carrying rack to hold 4-6 of these for transport from kitchen to front/back yard :smiley:


I love this!
We have a shave ice machine and it is a pain to hang on to the conical cups while filling them.
You have just provided a solution. (once I have a laser…)

Oh wow. That’s so much fun!

That is spectacular. Its amazing how the simplest ideas and shapes can result in something so awesome.

Ha! yessss :smiley: