Simple trivet

Next up? Multicolor.

Then? A kiln is involved.

Currently trying a Mod Podge seal.



Nice! I think you can do multicolor without a kiln—
just get an [ink blending tool](Ranger TIM20745 Adirondack Alcohol Ink Applicator, Stamp Handle and Felt and some alcohol ink, and blend them on the tile.

Multicolor and kiln are too totally different experiments. :slight_smile:

That tool looks really handy, too. Adding a third avenue of exploration to the list.

One thin coat of spray lacquer does a good job I’ve found. And semi gloss leaves some sheen on the tile, but doesn’t seem to compete with the tile itself too much. I used matte on one of the ones I did too. It has a different look, but also pretty cool.

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Would any of these coatings be affected if the trivet was used as a trivet (that is a heated pot or pan?)

Oh, good point. Not really sure. I wasn’t using it as a trivet so I just used a regular lacquer. It was not a high-temp type of thing. Would be worth looking into.

In my investigations, it seems that there is an epoxy pour on coating gunk that is also billed as being heat resistant. Commonly used to do things like penny bars (i.e. a bar top coated in pennies sort of thing).

I have some and will give it a shot.

The tiles are only 46 cents/each so I can risk a few. :slight_smile:

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Very pretty! :grinning: