Simple Wand Holder

Decided to use the space on my office wall better and made up a quick wand holder. The Glass Green Acrylic is perfect for this type of project though now I am hoarding my remaining amount.


That’s very nice! I love the green glass acrylic too…


Looks great!

That is cool. My boss actually gave us wands as a gift yest. Now I have to make this to hang it on.

Outstanding! My HP loving DD would love something like that.

That material looks really cool!

Funny thing is people doing glass projects may spend a lot of extra dough to get low-iron glass that doesn’t have the green edge. So the plastic people are trying to look like glass, and the glass people are trying to look like plastic…



I love the green glass - it is a really nice looking material.

And I love being able to make this sort of thing on the GF. Something that is unique, purposeful and looks like it cost a fortune.


I’ve been trying to think of an awesome creation to take advantage of that green-edged acrylic ever since they released it!

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Looks sharp!

Oh wow, that really looks amazing!