Single Board Furniture

Inspired by an artist, I thought it might be cool to make furniture that folds out from a single sheet into a beautiful peice of furniture.

My original thought for this would be to use this for furniture that could fold out from the side of an outdoor bar/patio


Very cool! :blush:

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There obviously has to be some kind of fastener. I would possible call this flat furniture or transformer furniture lol I guess its possible to cut it out of one board but then you have to assemble it.

From looking at the video they use canvas cloth, or something close( that can be laser cut into strips), a bar, and screws. I wouldn’t mind screwing a few screws if it meant a cheap chair with a cool factor that’s over 9000! You could also possibly do some sort of half/relief cuts to make it fold as long as it is a semi-rigid material but a bar would still be needed.

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I totally agree. It definitely has the cool factor. Limited assembly would be awesome plus being able to store it flat is a great advantage.


Good work sleuthing the vid out.

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