Site down? shopping? is down, is it me?


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It was me too. I just tried a bit ago and it wasn’t working.

It is working for me now :grin:

I lost connection during a pass-through cut. Not clear if related. Seems unlikely.

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Pass through has been hit or miss for me the past 2 weeks. It often causes my GF to re calibrate or go offline.

I have been doing more pass through than usual and this offline issue is starting to really bother me.

I am 0 for 3 in getting through a 3-pass ( i.e. cut 3 times move twice) pass-through job without the machine fallng offline. The chaos that ensues when that happens typically results in the need to manually align. I have enough practice now that I have learned that rather than re-establishing the connection via the teal button route (which has been resulting in the device going right back offline within a few seconds) the quicker path is to simply power cycle the forge and accept that manual alignment is my fate. This basically means that I do not have the benefits of passthrough software alignment.

The good news is that I have gotten good much better at manual alignment. My trick: add some very light engraves in places that do not matter and have them run first. This allows me to verify my alignment guess and stop and reposition if I am wrong (which I often am)

I am learning first hand “what could go wrong” when a machine design is dependent on a networked connection


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