Site down?

Anyone else having a problem connecting to the app.glowforge site? All I get is

Tried manually tyoing it in, using shortcut I normally use…? :anguished:

As of when I write this post, I’ve been to the main site and also logged into the glowforge app and it seems fine for me.

Tried it again… now Im in… strange- seemed “down” for me for at least 10 min or so…

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Shop page is instable to me. Statuspage shows green, but random shop pages end in 404, but are reachable on refresh.

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Yup, having this same problem now. Status page is showing green, but glowforge pages ain’t working occasionally.

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Just happened to me as well in the catalog. If I clicked on the item multiple times it would ultimately take me to the page that wasn’t initially (or repeatedly found).

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Sounds like the status page isn’t looking at everything it needs to be to make the proper determination.

Was it verified that the status page is automatically updated? Typically they are manually updated, rarely are they automated, and even more rarely they are properly automated.

Given that it seems to show “refreshed about 1 minute ago” or “refreshed less than 1 minute ago” whenever I am looking at it, I would say it’s automated. Properly is another question, hence this topic :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t make assumptions, refreshed has a lot of meanings in software. It may just be checking a database that is manually updated when support confirms that there is a problem with part of the site. In my experience this is the norm, many companies do not like their customers knowing that their site is down before they have confirmed it’s actually down.

These errors may just be temporary deployment artifacts, which is also quite common at places that do continous delivery of their product.

When I looked at the status page earlier today is said the shop had a severe outage and now it shows operational. However it also shows no incidents today, so it doesn’t work properly. It doesn’t record outages.

I’m so sorry you ran into trouble. Thank you for letting me know.

You helped us find a problem in our system which we’ve resolved. Please try again – I believe you’ll be able to login now. If you have any further trouble, please create a new post.

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, and I’ve captured the feedback about the status page, too.