Size matters


I have a tabletop that measures 36 inches long. The Glowforge is 38" long. My question is this; does the machine cover the entire 38"?.. is there any ‘overhang’? Are there feet on the bottom? The width is not a problem, but would like to know if there will be a problem putting the GF on a table shorter by the 2 inches.
Thanks in advance

Place a 38" long piece of plywood on top of the table. Problem solved. :grinning:

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Well, thanks…that IS a solution. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: However, the tabletop I’m wanting to use is ALREADY a 36" piece of plywood on top of another surface. If it will truly be a problem, I would just opt to get a different table.


You bring up an interesting question. Are there feet? As yet, we also don’t know how the GF sits on the air filter–in fact, there are no images of the bottom of the machine.

@dan…are you able to answer my question about the ‘bottom’ of the GF? I need to know if a one inch overhang on each end while on the table will be problematic. I appreciate all that you and your great team are going through to get this great new machine to us all.
Thank you

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I meant to go back to the shop and grab some plastics to check it out, but didn’t have a chance before I left. I believe it sits on two long runners and there aren’t feet per se, but I can’t be sure from memory.

Sounds like it might be OK hanging over each end of my table by 1 inch on each side then? Thanks for looking.

It’ll be interesting to see how balanced the machine is–where the center of mass is–not that we’ll intentionally put the GF in a position to teeter off a table. :wink:

It has two bars that run the underside to about 1" from the edge and inset a few inches from the front and back. Unless we make a change (and that is always possible if we find a problem), it looks like you’d be fine with cutins an inch or two on the left and right.