Thanks for the open house tonight. Really enjoyed meeting you and your staff.

As discussed, we’d really like to use our Glowforge for etching skateboards, but am concerned that the passthrough is going to be too short. Boards run 1/4-3/8", but they have a curvature to them.

Any thoughts on this? Would it (theoretically) be possible to expand the slot height?

Thanks again!

I think this is only possible if you defeat the interlocks on the lower door, which of course I can’t recommend. Ahem.


Of course. Thanks for the input Dan.

If you’re making the skateboards from scratch you could always etch the last layer of veneer before you do your glue up. Or as it’s just the last layer glue it on after the forming process. You could also do some pretty cool designs with different coloured laminates.


Oh SWEET! That’s genius. May borrow this idea.

Griptape anyone? cutting that out to show some of the board(and or the design you engraved below).

I know if they make a GF pro 2. I will be getting one(if I don’t go bankrupt or killed by the other half first!), I would like 50W - 1inch pass-through 3.5-inch z drop(or space) and 2 year warranty, reasonable international pricing/shipping. You’d definitely get a lot more money from me. Imagine skateboards, longboards, guitars, wine bottles, pint glasses(and any other curved surface smaller than that) would be epic. Without any work arounds.

@dan what’s an object you have really wanted to engrave or a design you wanted to make that you couldn’t with the GF? (I expect your 11k machine has a bigger depth and such)

Engrave a pumpkin. With the glowforge, you have to find one with a flat face, slice it off Hannibal Lechter style, engrave it, then pin it back on.

Which, when you think about it, is pretty cool for Halloween too.

That is actually the only time I used more than an inch of Z on the old beast.

Nice that’s cool. I didn’t even think of doing that. The good old answer of making a stencil would work great. Could make a pumpkin carving set, would have even more of a handmade feel

Yes! or maybe this time next year, I could see a glowforge owner peeling back a layer of the Thanksgiving turkey. Impressive presentation that would be around the family table.

What I do is that I mark the veneer before doing the glueing… However, I don’t know how to do the passthru mambo jumbo.

This was engraved on another Laser I have (CNC Inventables X-Carve with a low power laser).