As if i didn’t have enough on my plate while I prepare for 3 back to back conventions I took some time last night to make a few sketchbooks with the help if the GlowForge!

I made 4 different covers. One in each hardwood (maple, red oak, cherry and walnut) They taught myself how to coptic stitch them together.

While the stitch style is easy the stricg (even when waxed) can be a tad tough to work with and liked to knot up while pulling it through the pages. Overall I am happy with the results!

I used a heave cardstock (80lb) for the interior pages as it’s one of my favorite materials to draw on.
I will have this for sale next weekend at my table for Biggest Little Furcon and if they dont sell there I may put them online.
Totally going to make some more in the long run as once I figured out the process they went together pretty quickly.


Love these. Nice work

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Very cool, I really love the whirlpool/spiral one!

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Very creative and I too like the whirlpool/spiral it draws you in…

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Hopefully you live in a relatively dry climate, as I’ve noticed my hardwood warps quite a lot. So much that I have opted to stay away from it, but I do live in a tropical climate and regular medium proofgrade has been wonderful. Really inspired by your designqork here, I’m really digging it!

I live in a step climate which is almost a desert. So warping has never been an issue.
But something to certainly consider.

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Lovely! I’ve always heard quarter sawn wood is the best for keeping flat (from bookbinders). I’ve been very excited to get back into making hand sewn bindings with the laser, and this is inspiring. You did a beautiful job on these.

I see what you did there!


Very nice, I do not thing you will be bringing any home.

Gosh, these are gorgeous!

Very pretty! :grinning:

What a wonderful assortment of designs. You’re bound to have fruitful conventions with these!


Et tu @dan…?


Hah! Missed it. He’s good…about half of them shoot right past me. :smile:

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