Hey all, I thought it was about time to share this app with the Glowforge community. I’ve been working on building some software that I call “Fabber” for a while now. The software lets you go from 3D SketchUp models out to CNC machines much faster and easier than you currently can.

For the CNC world (including the Shaper Origin) we export to the SVG file format. Our exporter will automatically flatten out your SketchUp models for you in preparation for laser cutting. We also get proper arcs and circles out of SketchUp. This means that if you make a circular object in SketchUp and you see segmented arcs on the screen (a trait of SketchUp) we actually pull the proper radius out of your model so when you cut it out you get a nice smooth cut.

Check out this quick video here:

We’re doing a free open beta right now and we’d love for you all to try it out. For people doing anything 3D we believe this will be really helpful for you.

You can sign up at We’re rolling beta invites pretty fast so once you sign up it shouldn’t take long to get your download link.

I recently did this with the plugin:

Let me know if you have any questions!


I’ll just add this to the Matrix for you. :sunglasses::+1:


So you have to use Sketch Up first, then run it through fabber? or is fabber “all in one”?

This looks like a great plugin! I use sketchup mostly to make visuals for furniture and sometimes even build plans. I’ve not looked at the software to use for the Glowforge though.

You use SketchUp and run our plugin. From right in SketchUp clean, ready to cut SVGs are exported.

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Gosh, that looks incredibly useful fo Sketchup users! I would sign up if I worked in 3D.

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Right! I am still having 2D thinking problems as it is! :slight_smile:

HA! Probably the best use case for it is if you’re doing anything that requires assembly of two or more parts. You can design the parts as you want in 3D so you can see how they interact together, and then automatically get them exported flat for cutting.

When I go about cutting the gears for a grandfather clock… :slight_smile:
Sketchup is probably not freeware, so, can’t dive into that right now.

You can still get the 2017 version free from their website. Our plug-in works perfectly in it!

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Oooh, this might be the thing that tips me over the edge to fulltime sketchup…

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