Ski Cabin Sign with Family Motto

I made my rad skiier boss a sign for her family’s cabin at Alpental (ski area near Seattle). Her husband said Carpe Skium to her at the top of a lift and it stuck in my head. So, I created the letters on a tablet in Illustrator (is there anything more fun than creating one’s own fonts??) - I wanted a 70s bubble letter vibe. Then, I powered up the GF and burned a map of the ski area on a piece of maple ply and cut the letters out of maple as well and glued them on. Three layers of crystal fin on top to protect it. They really liked it and have it mounted in the cabin. So fun to make stuff for people on the GF!!



I love that motto.

Well done with the bubble letters, I don’t normally think “latin” in that type font :smiley:


Welcome. I like the sign and the saying.


True personalized gifts is the best reason to have a Glowforge.


Hahaha—very clever! I can see why they gave it a special place to display it.

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