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Need help! I am skipping and I’m at a loss as to why. I got the Aura a week ago. Did one big run on Glowforge material with engraving and cutting. At the end of a perfect 4 hour run, when the ribbon attached to the laser was fully extended, it skipped twice. I scoured the forums and chalked it up to user error or a fluke. I cleaned the machine, created new SVGs and used a new material that is similar to light basswood. This time halfway through the first engraving, it skipped, created a new burn line, and ended up correcting itself… too little too late. I figured I’d let it finish. Then the next layer automatically started to cut and on the first pass it got EXTREMELY off. Had to cancel the print an hour in. My files aren’t corrupt since some pieces are working. It looks like the laser has a hiccup/cough and then it’s 50/50 if it’ll get back to the pattern.

This is very frustrating and expensive lol. If the videos upload they are sped up for easy viewing.

Engrave puzzle 4

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When you start your machine it establishes where the zero is and every move it makes after that is based on that setting. If something drags or hits, the machine does not “know” and continues based on that original calculation of where zero was.

If the machine is turned off completely, you can move the cut head around with your hand and feel where the drag or hitting is. That will disclose the location of the problem that needs fixing.


It has caught in two separate areas. Top left and bottom right. Does that mean the supports on either side are sticking somewhere and from your suggestion I move it around by hand to see if I notice something off?

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Just ensure the machine is off (even unplugged) You should feel the resistance when doing so. I understand that Aura is particularly sensitive and know that the crud from wood smoke is particularly sticky. Also, every cut or engrave produces such smoke so things can be clean at the start and not by the end. There was a time some years back that a bad batch of rollers would break and cause similar issues. This was fixed then and I do not know the details of the Aura. But it’s a very low-probability kind of thing to look for.


Honestly, based on what I’ve read on this forum, this may be your big issue. I don’t think the :aura: is designed for giant projects! They talk about cleaning the rails - but if your job is 4 hours, there’s no way to clean within that time, and it may just be too much :frowning:


The total area is big but the sq-inches actually engraved are not. The part of that 4 hours that the laser is not firing should not count for crud buildup.

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Right, but cuts and scores will also release crud so it’s doing something for that four hours (ok. 3.75 to account for movement) that releases crud the entire time…or am I missing something?


Watch the smoke. A tiny puff on occasion might be gone before the next tiny puff shows up. If you cut the same area as solid the smoke would leave a lot more crud even if the areas engraved were the same. The sooner it leaves the machine and the more dispersed the less crud per line of score shows up. I have a lower-powered Vivo external fan and it can manage almost anything not really smoky, but with the two fans working the crud build-up seems 80% less than either operating alone. So the Vivo fan runs 24/7.

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I think my issue is that after my 4 hr attempt, I went through and cleaned everything and tried a new project entirely. Then during that new project I ran into the same problem only an hour in and it was catching in a completely different spot. This is a brand new Aura so I am annoyed that most of the forum solutions say it is debri when Ive just cleaned it, only ran one project prior, and have only used one type of material (basswood). Is there a special cleaner I can use? Is there a part of the rails or laser head I should be on the lookout for specifically when wiping everything down?


Just the rails need cleaning often. I use a rag dampened with alcohol. With the machine off, gently slide the head back and forth to ‘feel’ any dragging to see if you got it all clean. I take no prisoners and clean the rails every operation.


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