Skips/jumps/messes up on larger projects

I clean the rails of my glowforge aura every single time I print anything. I am so frustrated because if I print something larger, meaning larger than 6” or so, it can’t complete the job without messing up.
It is most often in the last few minutes of an hour long print and then is worthless….ugh.
Do I have a faulty machine or did I pay all this money for something that is not capable of doing anything bigger than a coaster??

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The Aura is definitely not designed for big long projects, as that’s what the Glowforges excel at, but that being said there are definitely work arounds to allow you to do longer cuts.

First, material choice. Things that give off less waste will allow for longer cuts. Stone or tile likely gives off the very least, while mdf centered plywood is the worst.

Second you can plan a stop into your design. If you do not move anything; your material, the head, or the floor, your job will restart at exactly the same location as it stopped. So split your design into two segments. Finish the first one, wipe the rails, then hit go on the second one.

Let us know if either of those help!


What material are you using?

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^^^my first thought also. Anything with MDF is not supposed to be used in the Aura for that reason. Lite plywood that does not have MDF might work better.


I am using light basswood.
Thank you for the info.
Which glowforge is good for larger projects?
I will try your suggestion thank you very much.

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Either of the performance models do long (6+ hours) with little issue. The biggest difference is the Pro has a pass through that allows for unlimited length of ~1/4" or thinner material (fixed width of 20" of which ~19.5" is laserable).


That should be good. I use a pro and can cut both big and thick. Though I use the passthrough to be able to use the bigger material more than to make things that big. However, I can deep engrave material that is 31/64 thick. What I have a lot of trouble cutting is the very thin that is the Aura’s specialty.
This is 7/16"…